How To Hold On To Your Day One Motivation

DAY 1: Stay true to yourself. There is no reason someone else’s opinion of you has to become your reality. You have the power to decide whether you will be successful or not. Success is not something that appears after long hours of hard work, it’s part of the very fabric of your being. When you connect to your intentions to better the lives of those around you, then by all means you are success. You can accomplish anything you want to accomplish and better the lives of those around you. We are not confined to our circumstances. If you want something, go out and take it. Fight for it. If you don’t get it on your first try, great. Go try again.

The best teacher in life is experience, because if we accomplished everything we set out to on our first try we wouldn’t learn anything. Life wouldn’t be fun. What makes us unique as individuals aside from aspirations and dreams is experiences. No two people will ever have the exact same experiences. You can put two of us in the same room, show us the same film, but we saw different movies. Our paradigms, our way of thinking, our way of viewing the world in that time period was affected by our experiences growing up. When you change the way you see the world, the world becomes a different place. If you think the world is full of negative people, then you will see a world full of negative people. But let me tell you, living in a world full of positive people where dreams, hopes, and desires can come true and all run free is a world you want to live in. This world is amazing, and our purpose is to experience as much of it as possible. We can’t do that in a cave. We can’t do that thinking the world is out to get us and hide out or set aside our goals or daily activities because we’re afraid of failure or afraid the world is going to judge us. You know what you’re worth. I know what you’re worth. Go out and get it. Hold up that first place trophy, hold up that second place trophy. Hell, hold up that fifth place trophy or that last place trophy. If you have given it your all. If you have woken up every morning and stepped into your dreams, fought through the tough times when you thought you were done for, and last place is the best you could do, you’re just as deserving of a champion as that first place winner, perhaps even more if they didn’t give it their all.

Character is not defined by wins and losses. It’s defined by how high we hold our head in our darkest moments. It’s defined by what we do onto others when nobody is watching. When all eyes are off us, how we act determines who we are.



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