Before The Flood & National Geographic’s Admirable Accomplishment

Start With Why.

In his 2011 book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek delves further into ideas regarding human inspiration and motivation. He provides a simple model explaining at the center of every action should be your why, your motivation, your purpose. If reading a book is too time consuming, click here to view his brief TED Talk furthering this concept.

Now, let’s analyze some businesses who actually start with why, then praise one champion for their recent victory.

Initially, Google stays true to themselves. Google wants to organize all of the worlds information in a useful and accessible way. They don’t have any ads on their home page, it’s simply “Google” “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky.” That’s it! Google, good!

Stay With Why.

Now that the idea is clear, let’s talk about National Geographic’s most recent admirable victory. Before The Flood.  Making sure as many people see this documentary as possible is essential to the people behind this film. The documentary is free to watch for everyone and doesn’t have any ads or interruptions. Their why is more powerful than pocket change or extra millions potentially filling elite pockets. Their why is climate change. Their why is in line with their actions, and in less than two days has over 4 million views on youtube here. National Geo, great!

End With Why.


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