Digital/Interactive Media or Traditional? Battle of the ages.

It’s showtime! Who will win in a battle of the ages? The printing press? Television? Twitter? How about all of them? Totally! I love teamwork; however, like teams, let’s use a baseball metaphor, like baseball teams, integrated marketing campaigns need to cover all their bases. This way, a home run isn’t just a home run, it’s a grand slam. Each platform has a unique purpose. Find each purpose and start throwing jabs. Eventually you can throw that hook in there, get your grand slam, and continue working because money doesn’t sleep. It doesn’t need sleep. It needs constant pursuit of advertising strategies throughout several distinct purposeful platforms. Are you a cake company selling beautiful designs? Check out Pinterest. I heard the weather there is great this time of year. Are you a local store trying to attract local customers? Use location targeting through Facebook ads. Pretty simple concept. Let’s take a look at one brand who understands the use of digital/interactive advertising down to its’ core: Always.

With over 27.7 million views on their youtube video, Always has brought together traditional advertising with it’s digital/interactive counterparts. The global video is part of a campaign to tackle sexism, and successfully integrates the #LikeAGirl into their campaign allowing for it to trend on social media sights. In doing so, awareness is spread to audiences through traditional forms of paid reach such as television ads, but advertisers behind the campaign are also able to track mentions, listen to their customers, and have consumers of either the video or message go to our social media pages and advocate for gender equality, all while increasing brand awareness.


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