A Glimpse Into My Mind

       Over the past few months, I’ve been studying a basic introduction to advertising course at Western Kentucky University. The course has given me a new appreciation for the intricacies of our current advertising world. Since the class began in August, I have learned much about different positions in the ad world; such as the account executive, copywriter, creative director, event planner, etc. and their distinct differences. What I found surprising was how effective radio advertisements are. I had no idea radio is still used as widely as it is today. All of my friend have Apple Music, Pandora, or Spotify. We’re all trying to find ways around hearing advertisements, but I’ve come to learn radio is still incredibly effective. While the trend is leaning away from traditional forms of advertisements and towards digital and interactive forms of media, such as twitter, google ad words, and microblogging.

WKU-Fusion-Logo_dark_RESZ_2.png         My predictions for the evolution of the way brands advertise and market to consumers is finding the best balance of both. While it’s no longer 1999 and panic has been calmed after Y2K, we are learning how to use the internet to advertise effectively. Google ad words, SEO, and branded content on social media have seen an exponential growth in usage, and as more companies adapt these current strategies, the market will continue flooding with banners and popup ads way past the point of over-saturation. The “next big thing”is already out there, and the first ones to capitalize on it will reap success greater than their imagination. Gary Vaynerchuck used google ads to grow his Wine Library business in the early stages of google. If the next game changing platform hasn’t been invented yet, it will be soon, and the first to effectively adopt that new platform in combination with both traditional and interactive digital forms of advertising will brew an unparalleled storm.



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