Portfolio – Aubio


When Absolut’s ad made the home page of Ad Age, I drafted up sample tweets for Aubio to increase engagement. There are also radio ads and a mini play.



Aubio – in-store radio :30  Version 1

Kid: Hey mom what’s that thing on your face?

Man : Lady I think you have a problem with your lip

Jill: Oh my gosh Liz you got ANOTHER cold sore?

Cold sore: I’m baaaaaaAaAAaAaAAack

Woman: I have got to get rid of this cold sore

VO: Over 2/3 people have the virus in them. It’s not your fault if you get a cold sore, but it’s up to you to do something about it, fast. All natural, nature’s golden drop, Aubio is there to relieve in hours. That’s fast. Aubio fast. Go grab Aubio in the cough and cold isle, Aubio looks like a beauty product, so beautiful it will distract us from looking at your cold sore we’re currently staring at. See, it’s already working. So act fast. Aubio fast.


Aubio – in-store radio :30  Version 2

A: Aubio relieves cold sores fast. Aubio relieves cold sores fast. Aubio relieves.

B: Hey Alex, why do you keep writing Aubio relieves cold sores fast on your bedroom wall?

A: Ms. Sharon said this in class today. I have to write it down to remember it. She also told us 2 out of every 3 people have the virus in them and can get a cold sore at anytime of any day ever.

B: I think I have one coming on, let’s go to the store now and grab Aubio from the cough and cold isle

A: Now? That’s fast

B: Aubio fast

A: Aubio relieves cold sores in hours, so you’ll be good to go on your date tonight.

B: That’s fast

A: Aubio fast

C (personification of the cough and cold isle): Hi welcome to the cough and cold isle, looking for Aubio? It relieves your cold sores fast!

A + B: Aubio fast.

C: in the cough and cold isle!

VO: Aubio is all-natural and relieves your cold sore in hours. Pick up Aubio in the cough and cold isle. Look for the golden drop, that’s fast. Aubio fast.


Aubio – in-store radio :30  Version 3

Slow voice:

I’m your cold sore, can’t you feel me slowly forming on your lip. We like to take our time, what’s the hurry? It’ll take days to heals us, what’s the rush? We love the fresh air and all the attention.  Life is good.


(Internal dialogue)

Oh gosh. Another cold sore. Unlike everybody else, I know how to relieve these. I have to get to the cough and cold isle fast and find Aubio, it’s in the black and gold packaging. Aubio relieves cold sores in hours. That’s fast. Aubio fast.

Oh look! Here it is! This line needs to move faster so I can check out, why can’t I just use Aubio on everything?

VO: Aubio, all natural, relieving cold sores in hours. That’s fast. Aubio fast.


Aubio super hero:

My name is Aubio and I’m the fastest cold 
sore treatment alive. I fight cold sores 
and their onsets, preventing world domination 
from the evil virus, Sir Cold. To hide my 
identity, people know me as Nature’s Golden Drop, 
but my name, is Aubio.  

Aubio Super Hero cartoon:

Hero: Aubio

Villain: Sir. Cold


Scene: Sir Cold is ready to claim his next victim. 
He’s standing on the tip of a coffee mug sitting on a 
human office desk. The humans can’t see Sir Cold or Aubio 
racing the clock, but Sir Cold is prepared to strike. 


Sir cold was knocked off the mug. He didn’t see his attacker, 
but he knew Aubio must have done it. Nobody is as fast as Aubio.

Aubio: I thought I told you to never come back here Sir Cold. 
It’s time to get rid of you once and for all.

Sir Cold: Hahahahahaha you think if you stop one of us you 
could stop us all? We’re a virus to this human world. 
My army is a thousand strong!

Aubio: No more standing around. I’m taking action.

Aubio runs along the human desk and up the side of the mug, 
chasing Sir Cold in circles. Aubio catches up, but the two 
begin to fall inside the mug as it’s lifted up for the human 
to drinks its’ contents. Aubio and Sir Cold are now in the 
mouth of the human. It is pitch black dark inside the human mouth. 

Aubio: I know. I don’t need to see Sir Cold! I can stop 
his master plan if I grab a hold of the sides. I think
this is a lip. I just have to get there first.

Aubio grabs hold of the lip.

Sir Cold: Wait! You didn’t! This can’t be! His power level 
is approaching-

The human swallows. Sir Cold has fallen into the abyss and
disappears. Aubio is victorious…until next time.