Portfolio – Briarwood Dental

For a project in a Broadcast Sales class I created a :60 radio ad to be played on a fictional Jazz radio station in Bowling Green, Kentucky


Briarwood Dental – radio :60

You’re standing three-quarters of the way back in an audience all on their toes. Everyone’s there for someone but you’re there for her. She can’t see you smiling just yet but she can feel it. Your energy radiating through your tense cheeks and wide eyes. You’ve prepared her for this moment. You raised her just for this, yet still scan the audience looking for that up to no good smile only you recognize all too well. Then she walks across stage, all confident and full of life, nothing could stop her, then she looks at you dead in the eyes and the earth stands still. A sparkle begins to blind you as you try to recall your surroundings but the room is now empty. It’s just you and her. A thousand people stand in between you yet your smiles are inseparable.. She did it. 5th grade. But don’t stop there. At Briarwood Dental, we’re creating smiles for a lifetime.”