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At Zimmerman Advertising, I participated in a twelve week internship program where my team was tasked with creating a sub-brand for Office Depot then launching a campaign through JFM with a set media budget.

Initially, I wrote a brief manifesto to introduce the brand when pitching it to the client:

"What Matters.

It changes with every working generation.

Paychecks turn to passion.

Bosses turn to mentors.

Satisfaction becomes development.

The dreaming entrepreneur is wide awake, 

They’re studying, learning, 

building businesses that others call insane.

They work when their competition sleeps

They network like never before

And they need a place to do it all.

Welcome to Highlight.

Highlight gives you all the tools you need to reach success,

However you define it.

We define success by how far we help you succeed,

And if you do,

So do we.

Highlight’s here for the hustlers,

The dreamers.

The visionaries.

Those who seek to change the world.

Highlight’s here for the future.

And we’re here now

With our hand stretched outwards.

Take it."

Further, I drafted :30 audio streaming ads targeting millennials age 18-34 starting their own businesses and relentlessly pursuing their dreams.

“Your Business” Matters :30 (version 1) 

You’re starting your business from square one.

You have projects to print, orders to ship, 

and your roommate can’t keep it down.

It’s 2 am and you’ve got a lot of work to do.

We know your business matters

It’s proof through the late night grinds, 

the 2 am print jobs, and 3 hour meetings.

Highlight’s here for your place to work and a way to network, 

With all the coffee and supplies you need to keep you going.

Who needs sleep?

You’re here to change the world.

And Highlight’s here for you.

Highlight what matters.

Now open in Tampa.

Click the banner now for directions.

Millennial Startup :30 (version 2)

(Typing on laptop. The typing stops.)

Millennial A: Hey did you drop the package off at the post office?

Millennial B: They closed just before I got there! 

You print the thing for tomorrow?

A: I told you it wasn’t working! 

B: Alright let’s just stay up and get this done.

VO: Ever wish there was a place to do it all? 

Somewhere you could grow your business, 

print your presentation, and drop off packages after 11pm? 

Highlight here.

Offering a free workspace

Where you could study, network, print, ship, and stay late

With all the coffee and supplies you need to keep going.

You’re here to change the world, 

and Highlight’s here for you. 

Highlight. what matters.

Click the banner now for directions.

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